Hotel Valencia Rewards

Enjoy high-end perks and special rates when you enroll in Valencia Hotel Group (VHG) Rewards. Booking through our Member Portal and Official Hotel Websites guarantees you a lower online price than you’ll find at Expedia,, or 

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Why Join?

Our exclusive Valued Hotel Guest Loyalty Rewards Program provides access to an array of members-only perks and upgrades.

Benefits include:

  • Lower Rates than Expedia,, and
  • Member Only Offers & Savings
  • Dedicated VHG Customer Service Agents
  • Room Upgrades
  • Raid the Minibar/Hotel Food & Beverage Credit
  • Customized Preference Profile
  • Special Birthday Offer
  • Valencia at Home Discounts on Signature Scents & Merch
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When you’re here with us, we’re here for you.

At Hotel Valencia Santana Row, we pride ourselves on service that is as gracious as it is impeccable. Please view this short video to learn more about what our hosts have to say about our "guest-centric" culture. 

Member Tiers

Please note: To ensure you receive your Loyalty Rewards Program benefits, please book your reservations directly with us either online, by calling 210.220.3053. Although we will make every attempt to do so, we cannot guarantee that you will receive your rewards benefits or that your membership will be applied if you are not logged in to the loyalty portal at the time of booking your reservation. 

For questions about the Loyalty Rewards Program, please contact the Loyalty Coordinator via email at

Valencia Hotel Group reserves the right to discontinue or modify the Loyalty Rewards Program benefits at any time with or without notice.